September 17th, 2014. Rome. Age 25

I'm not sure if I have adequate words to describe this city. I'm going to have to find them when I write about it. I'm thinking of titling my creative piece, "Woman Alone" after the tattoo on my wrist & the fact that I'm traveling all over Europe alone.

There is a certain power that comes with traveling alone- especially as a woman. An anonymity (word?) that comes with being alone in a foreign place. 

I can dress, act, be whoever I please.

Hell, I can change my name.

No one would ever know the difference. 

I've started wearing red lipstick. Genuine red. No one knows I have never worn lipstick in my life. Haha. 

God- there's so much to say. Yesterday was absolutely incredible. I bought a day pass for the Metro and visited 3 or 4 different spots. It's so beautiful here. And hot. High 80's- I've been sweating my ass off. But I've seen a lot.

I wandered into this random church. Gorgeous. I prayed to Mary for the first time in years- and cried while doing it.

I somehow ended up at the top of the Spanish steps at sunset. There are definitely no words to describe that sight.

My B&B is run by an old Italian man named Roberto who I instantly fell in love with. Great aura. So kind & helpful. I've always loved old men but old Italian men are even better.

I went for dinner last night at a place he suggested & ordered the food he suggested- without knowing what it was. Absolutely delicious. The place is owned by an old couple named Franco & Gloria. I thought of my grandparents the whole day- still am. 

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