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Making jewelry, or any art, is a form of storytelling. From the mining of the stone, the cutting, polishing of the lapidary artist. The choosing made by the metalsmith. Choosing the stone, the setting, how to tell its story.
I have always been a teller of stories. I've kept a journal from the time I was nine and at one point I was sure I'd be a writer. 
And I am, in a way. Just a different medium.
Follow along on Instagram or through this blog as I share excerpts from my life. Journal entries I've written between the ages of nine and thirty. 
It is my hope that these windows into my past lives may allow you to further connect with my work. 


Things to note: 
The entries will be chosen randomly. They may be shared in their entirety or as excerpts.
I promise not to change any wording, leave anything out, or otherwise alter the writing in any way. (However, names may be changed.)
This project will not continue past entries made February of 2020 when I made the decision to embark upon this project. 

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